i haven't written in FOREVER! wow, i haven't even looked at this page in some time. i don't even know what to say, and that's the beauty of it all. I can write whatever i want, whenever i want. isn't it a great thing! hooray for the first ammendment! well, i could write about my most recent trip to San Francisco, and what i learned there. Or, i could write about my life for the past forever. But, i don't want to. I think it's interesting how, when i finally have the opportunity to put my thoughts somewhere where somebody will pay attention, if only for a moment, and i can write as much as i want to about whatever i want to, i don't feel the need. Sometimes, our selfish needs and desires are fulfilled when we merely stop and listen to others. hmm, funny how that works isn't it? :)
well, i don't know that i will write much more ever again.once something like this dies down a bit, it is very likely that it will die altogether. so, keep it real in my absence!

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