i haven't written in FOREVER! wow, i haven't even looked at this page in some time. i don't even know what to say, and that's the beauty of it all. I can write whatever i want, whenever i want. isn't it a great thing! hooray for the first ammendment! well, i could write about my most recent trip to San Francisco, and what i learned there. Or, i could write about my life for the past forever. But, i don't want to. I think it's interesting how, when i finally have the opportunity to put my thoughts somewhere where somebody will pay attention, if only for a moment, and i can write as much as i want to about whatever i want to, i don't feel the need. Sometimes, our selfish needs and desires are fulfilled when we merely stop and listen to others. hmm, funny how that works isn't it? :)
well, i don't know that i will write much more ever again.once something like this dies down a bit, it is very likely that it will die altogether. so, keep it real in my absence!


My thoughts right now

I was looking at my blog just now, and I realized, i must be a very angry person! oh my goodness. plus all my recent pictures on facebook, seriously, i'm so serious! well, i didn't think i was, but seeing as that is what the evidence presents, it must be true. hmm. That is something i need to do better at. when i'm with people i'm comfortable with, i have to trouble being happy, but when I'm with people i really don't care for, i tend to be rude, onry and inconsiderate. That would be a good new year's resolution. Of course, i have a hard time with goals. you see, i hate setting them, and hate even more the fact that i have a goal that i have to complete. (there's a lot of hate going around here, but it's true) I honestly don't like doing things because i have to. maybe i'm just a spoiled brat and i need to just buck up and do it (probably). Anyway. my other new year's goals include filling one of my journals. (it's not the biggest one, and it's almost half full now, but i've got to start somewhere.) Yup. I think those are good goals. i've got more, but to explain them in this blog would make this entirely too long. :). anyway. that's my thoughts right now. thanks for reading :) happy birthday!


My Essay: i think everyone should be aware of this

Hero-less Slaughter
Since January 1973, there have been over 35 million deaths, more than 30 times the deaths of the Civil War, World War I and II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf War combined. That’s an average of one million innocent lives savagely slaughtered each year. Abortion is wrong. It is murder. The mother won’t know the joys of a child, and the child won’t be able to know anything.
Jan. 22, 1973, in the Roe vs. Wade court case, abortion was made legal in this country. It is legal to have an abortion until the day of birth. That child aborted is a human, from day 21, the heart will start to beat and the next day, the eyes start to form. To ignore it’s human qualities and just look at it as an “it” is wrong. How can we be considered “humankind” if we murder our own kind without a second thought?
Of the women who have abortions, 79% are unmarried. 30% of abortions, the mothers are teenagers. What this shows, is that the majority of those who have abortions have sex at an irresponsible time. When they become pregnant, it is often viewed as a burden and as a result, 1 in six mothers “chooses” to murder that child. Since the human race began, mothers have been having children. What would our world be today if all those mothers decided that they didn’t want to contribute to the “surplus population”? What is happening to all these children is not just. What’s worse, it’s accepted, and pitied. Yes, it is a hard choice, but it needs to stop. Rather than comfort the mother after, stop the abortion before it happens. In the novel Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo, Javert is a police inspector who is engrossed in his absolute conviction towards justice. If he saw our society and our compliance with the murder of the innocent, well, let’s just say he would be very busy.
There is nothing more beautiful, and pure, than a newborn baby. Who could imagine seeing that infant, after it has been torn from the womb piece by piece? There are six different ways to abort the baby. “Ru-486” is a drug that the mother takes that blocks a hormone that provides food, fluid and oxygen to the baby. Then, the dead baby stays inside the womb for over a week, until it is born dead. “Suction-Aspiration” and “Dilation and Curettage” both work very much the same way. A blade similar to a blender is inserted into the uterus, where the baby’s body is cut into pieces, and then the pieces are removed. “Dilation and Evacuation” and “Dilation and Extraction”, also very similar, the baby is pulled from the birth canal until only the head remains in the womb. Then the skull is crushed and the rest of the baby is pulled out. And finally, the most common is “Prostaglandin Abortion” which a hormone that induces labor and the baby dies from the trauma of the delivery. But, if the baby is old enough, it will be born alive (then it’s called a “complication”). To prevent that, some abortionists use ultrasound to guide them as they inject a “feticide” into the baby’s heart, which kills it. The way these babies are aborted is sick and wrong.
A growing child brings laughter, love and a new sense of life into whomever their influence touches. A child means so much more than just the money they use, or the time they take out of the life we once knew. Every growing embryo needs the opportunity to see the light of day, safe and untouched by the world’s ugly claw. Those children are Americans before they are born, and cannot be denied their unalienable rights.
When a mother is in a situation where she is unable or unwilling to raise the child she bore, she needs to know that there are other options once the child is born. There are over two million families in our country that are waiting to receive children put up for adoption, and most of them actually want two or three. Adoption is a loving, and moral way to give the child the best possible chance at life. In Les Miserables by Victor Hugo, the characters of Jean Valjean, Javert, and Thenardier, take their circumstances very differently. Jean Valjean starts out with some poor choices, but he grows in a very moral direction, and his social circumstance improves because of it. Javert starts out in jail, and becomes the highest ranking police chief in France at the time, and Thenardier actually loses station because of his dishonest and negative behavior. It’s all about how we play our cards. Anyone can change their circumstances. The cards we are dealt is merely a starting point. We can do so much, if we merely push ourselves to use our cards better than we have before. To deny someone the chance to even see what their cards are is an unthinkable crime.
Abortion is a matter of life and death, and we have had way too much death. Our country has been seeing it far too leniently. We, as a nation beautiful, have to take responsibility for our actions and keep the innocence alive. We cannot ignore other pressing issues, but because of the high death rates, this is pressing. We as a people have to start with those in our lives. One at a time, we will keep our nation going strong.